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Digital intelligence - Hound Street, Birmingham and London 0121 396 1205
Digital intelligence - Hound Street, Birmingham and London 0121 396 1205

Digital intelligence

Online expectations are rising, so if you’re not moving forward, you are moving backwards, eroding value from your business.

Digital intelligence is about gaining and maintaining a strategic understanding of your audience. Predicting and responding as their needs and expectations change. And if desired, in real time.

The proportion of digital to nondigital interaction for everyone is increasing which is changing expectations and that alone makes it important to at the very least keep up.

If your visitor’s online experience doesn’t keep pace with their changing expectations, driven by what they experience elsewhere, from direct competition and generally, your perceived value to them by definition falls.

To help you remain competitive, we constantly refresh your understanding of the customer and visitor interactions that matter most to your business. We look at mobile and web data and optimise for voice and video as well as written content. We look at visitor behaviour within the context of their device and location too.

We optimise digital engagement with data, analytics, and insights to match business goals set. Tools such as Google Tag Manager and Facebook pixel help us track events at digital touchpoints for within content, lead generation and e-commerce.

We support this with online and traditional research looking to gain maximum insight into your customers and to be able to define and measure useful and achievable key performance indicators (KPI’s), enabling you understand your business from your customer’s point of view.