Hound Street Digital design, build and manage e-commerce and business websites for SME’s in B2B and retail.

Our sites are responsive, scalable and secure.
They are built as single and multichannel solutions on user centred designs.
Each one is developed to adapt to user requirements with incoming digital intelligence.

About us

20 years of research, programming and content for SMEs.

Hound Street was formed just over 20 years ago at Hound Street in Sherborne, Dorset.

Although the company has changed a great deal since then, we continue to provide unbiased objective technical expertise and dedicated personal service.

We are located in Shoreditch and Stratford upon Avon.


Single and multi channel integration solutions.

We develop and integrate custom functionality for order management, multi channel integrations, SaaS and small business ERP.

We specialise in PHP based systems: WordPress, Craft CMS, Magento and Drupal but also on .net based Umbraco and with a Microsoft Gold Partner where we work as digital project managers.

Digital intelligence

Insights driven design to optimise customer experience.

We analyse, test and research, providing real time insight into customer experience and behaviour.

We provide digital strategy and content led responsive design.

We provide SEO consultancy, content provision, curation including CaaS, and CRM, including advertising, promotions and triggered email.


Support and hosting with built in disaster recovery.

We manage and populate sites in multiple languages.

We deliver secure scalable managed hosting as well as offering advice on self hosting. We also provide support and training, and where we host, we provide built in disaster recovery.

We can deliver all of the above or just the parts you need, on a flexible, ‘need it now’ basis.


Featured: WooCommerce/Linnworks multiple site integration.

We were commissioned to design, build and integrate three e-commerce sites for a group of London opticians.

Key to the project was to find a way to manage stock, warehousing and order processing for all three, that reduced costs, increased efficiency and enabled our client to manage all aspects easily.

We wanted to deliver a secure system capable of growth that enabled each site to develop its own identity and marketing strategy and provide personalised content and pricing, including discounts and specific offers. It would be managed centrally from a single administration system to ensure no data conflict.

We also wanted to be able to incorporate a number of custom features to enhance customer usability, including import of prescriptions and selection and order of lenses and frame combinations. We would also include the facility to view glasses as 360 degree revolves from images stored on a CDN network.

We chose to build the sites in WordPress using WooCommerce and integrate via Linnworks providing a centralised management of products, pricing and promotions across the various sales channels.

The three businesses combine two physical distinct stores, their online sites, and one large purely online supply business, with stock, pricing, orders and access all managed centrally through Linnworks.

To this we have added a PWA (progressive web app) to one online store providing push notifications for marketing as well as for eye test reminders, and the facility for the customer or potential customer to specify frames and lenses with uploaded prescriptions both on and offline, the latter anonymously.



Hound Street Digital are now in Stratford Upon Avon as well as Shoreditch. We’ve opened a second office to broaden our reach into the Midlands and North and to work more closely with manufacturers.

Of particular relevance to manufacturers looking to communicate directly and build awareness, is our experience and expertise in providing solutions for retail that translate to the business environment. Tools developed for e-commerce that work to help market a brand or service and enhance customer experience, without necessarily adding a product to a cart. These can include PWA’s including push notifications, specifier sites and channel integration.

We program and develop PWA’s (progressive web apps) to work in conjunction with multi channel e-commerce integrations. These can function as fully functional sites, as well as running in conjunction with a main site, bringing complex online and offline user functionality, together with online GDPR friendly push notifications. This combination of user friendly technology and persuasive marketing could benefit businesses who are not necessarily selling direct but want to engage with potential customers.

Hound Street Digital offices in Stratford-upon-Avon - houndstreetdigital ecommerce and integration

In addition, with the deadline of GDPR this May, this form of communication is particularly valuable as visitor information is stored only in the browser and additional info our clients request can be kept anonymous.

As developers we are able to competitively offer to manufacturers and B2C businesses what are effectively powerful retail brand marketing tools. We provide software on commission and are developing SAAS options too. For businesses looking to expand their customer base and find new markets, pre and post Brexit, this may prove an ideal solution.


Contact us

Hound Street Digital is a small friendly partnership with programmers, researchers and writers.

Our main office is based at the iconic Custard Factory in Birmingham and we are also in central London. We work with manufacturing and retail clients.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about what we can do.

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