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accountability, support & training

Accountability, support and training provide a backbone to everything we do.


Accountability means that we take responsibility for our projects and for our suppliers work. We work with people we know and trust and you can rely upon our relationships to deliver complete and effective solutions.


Support covers maintaining and updating/upgrading our code, managed plugins and other third party software. This includes integrations, e-commerce and security software and advising upon hacker threats and vulnerabilities as well as changes to legislation affecting a site or service.


Every project includes training and support and this generally carries on as long as we manage or host a site, or provide consultancy. Even where we provide a ‘turn key’ project for others to manage, we can still provide training and support if required.


This covers major integrations through to managing standard e-commerce and blogging platforms.

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Gabucci - Menswear - Bath
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Blackheath Eyecare - Opticians - London

Training as simple as it is practical.


We can produce a comprehensive training scheme to cover any project, however, we can also help in the day to day running too. One of the things we’ve found working with smaller companies is the problem staff sometimes have dealing with occasional aspects of a site. Blogging and adding new products are usually no problem but adding complex product options or setting shipping can be. It’s not that they are difficult, it’s just they’ve usually forgotten how and need a reminder.


We’ve always provided one to one training as required and any software developers instructions but what we find really helps is to provide on request, short clips specific to the client’s actual site and issue. No searching for the relevant bit, no need to take notes, just a clip that can be watched whenever, and as many different ones as needed.

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