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Once a potential customer has found your site, you can decide what you would like them to do.


Just as there are a range of strategies for getting found, there are strategies for encouraging the visitor to take the next action you’d like them take. And as you’re quite likely to have different types of visitor, you may want to guide them in different directions.


This is where inbound marketing comes in. We code promotions and offers with calls to action to encourage your visitor respond, be it with a direct sale, Facebook like, or newsletter signup.

We’re looking to create opportunities throughout a site, and as we do, we can test responses to better learn what the customer is looking for. And build more and better defined data on them, as the better we understand them, the better we can meet their need.


Your marketing, social media, PR and site can work together to build leads. And within the site, we can direct targets to the right lists and encourage them join. Combine the data with promotions leading to specific landing pages and we begin to really focus their attention.


It might sound a process of leading the customer to purchase, a harder sell than they may have wanted but that would only be down to presentation. Used properly it’s a listening process, and at each juncture we give the visitor choices and ask which, if any, route they’d like to take, we learn from that and take them closer to their goal.


That can mean taking them to the offer they really want in as few steps as possible. It can mean rewarding a step such as a quick like on Facebook, or a follow on Twitter, to gain a small discount or future promotion.


All the time, we’re looking to firm the relationship and encourage trust and once they’ve made their decision and purchased, awarded that big contract or whatever, we still need to look after them and hopefully encourage them as ambassadors for others through testimonials and reviews.


So the process continues, taking visitor to customer to feeling a valued customer.

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